CBNS Videos

A range of videos have been produced for or by the CBNS. They provide information about the CBNS in general and some of our activities.

Please click on the links to the videos to view them.

ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science & Technology - Monash University video


Journey to the Centre of the Cell

This video shows the virtual reality created by Dr John McGhee as part of the Journey to the Centre of the Cell strategic project. The video was captured as part of the coverage of the 7th International Nanomedicine Conference by New Scientist


Open Data Fit experimental guides

The Open Data Fit project is a strategic project of the CBNS and is led by Associate Professor Pall Thordarson at UNSW. The short videos below are guides on how to use the Open Data Fit website to assist in experiments.

​ Introduction - Presenter: A/Prof Pall Thordarson.

Open Cell Viability Data Fit Project Introduction - Presenter: A/Prof Pall Thordarson. Initial footage: Bruce Dufty .

IC50 or cell viability experiment - Presenter: Mr Andrew Robinson. Production: Bruce Dufty.

Supramolecular NMR titration - Presenters: A/Prof Pall Thordarson and Dr James E. A. Webb. Production: Bruce Dufty.

Three methods to prepare a self-assembled hydrogel - Presenter: Dr Adam Martin. Production Bruce Dufty​.