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PhD in Medical Bionics

Project Title: Protecting hearing with nanoengineered drug delivery systems

Key Researchers: Dr Andrew Wise, Prof. Frank Caruso, Prof. Christopher Porter and Prof. Robert Shepherd

This project aims to protect the sensory cells and auditory neurons from damage in order to prevent sensorineural hearing loss. We will use cutting edge nanotechnology to provide long-term and localised delivery of therapeutic drugs to the inner ear. Experiments will characterise the distribution of drugs in the inner ear and the effectiveness of drug treatment to protect hearing using in vivo deafness models. This project is a collaboration between the Bionics Institute, the Department of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (the University of Melbourne) and Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Monash University). The project brings together a truly multidisciplinary team of researchers with the aim of developing nanoengineering drug delivery technology for the clinic. This project will suit a student with a background in physiology, pharmaceutical science, neuroscience, biomedical science, biomedical engineering or cognate disciplines. Applicants should email an expression of interest, along with their CV and academic transcripts to

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